CEF YouthWise: where kids ages 8-17 practice collaboration, cooperation, flexibility, and perseverance to enhance their creativity skills.

CPSI is proud to continue our tradition of providing engaging, intentional content for youth participants. For Virtual CPSI, we have offerings for young people ages 8-13 and programming especially for teens. Check out the full session descriptions at

For teen participants age 13-17: Teens will have access to all of the regularly scheduled virtual sessions that are available to adult CPSI attendees. Additionally, they are welcome to join the weekly moderated Zoom hangout with YouthWise instructor Najja Bouldin on Monday evenings. Use this time to catch up with friends old and new, talk about virtual sessions you have attended, and plan for your week at Virtual CPSI. We will have games, conversation, and creative exercises that support your time at Virtual CPSI.

For youth age 8-13: Choose from among 4 workshops led by creativity experts. Each of our “clubs” will meet once during our time at Virtual CPSI. Conveniently scheduled for Saturdays, participants can go to as many of the 4 sessions as they’d like AND will get the recordings to all 4 sessions after CPSI ends so they can access the learning again. 

Saturday, June 13

10:00 AM Young Philosophers Club: Never Too Early To Ask Big Questions with Amy Leask

You know all those big questions that keep rattling around in your head, the ones that won’t go away, and that have more than one answer? In this session, we’ll celebrate your drive to ask these kinds of questions, and we’ll learn fun and empowering ways to explore a whole lot of different answers. We’ll learn what a philosopher is and does (hint: you probably are one, and you’re probably already doing it), and we’ll find out how young thinkers can dive into topics like robots, the environment, and even art. We’ll celebrate the word “Why”, and find out how thinking about things a little more deeply can help us in so many areas of our lives.

2:00 PM Young Writers Club: Seeing, Understanding, and Creating the World Through Writing with Kathleen “Kit” Jones

How can you use your senses to be a better writer? Spend your time in this workshop writing creative stories, poems, and nonfiction to stretch your writers’ wings. 

Saturday, June 20

10:00 AM Young Inventors Club: Morning Makerspace and Idea Lab with Allison James

In this session, participants will engage in design thinking and brainstorming activities with the goal of creating an invention by re-conceptualizing something that already exists in the world. Participants will engage in solving problems, taking risks, and communicating their ideas through the completion of hands-on invention activities.

2:00 PM Young Artists Club: Do You See What I See? with Janet Zanutto

In this session, participants will explore the effects of context and personal experience on our interpretation of the world around us. Through the creation of two different art pieces, participants will learn about the role that perception plays in the way we approach and perform a task, and the way that we evaluate our own success. Understanding how each individual sees the world through a unique lens can increase an individual’s ability to gain a wider, kinder viewpoint of both our own capabilities as well as the strength of contributions from those around us, be they family, peers, colleagues, teachers or employers. Choosing to acknowledge and control your own lens both literally and figuratively expands your horizons! And then, as they say, the sky’s the limit! 

Read more about the impact that YouthWise and creativity have had on the life of Nick Lynch, a teen who spent many summers participating in YouthWise – and now is taking what he learned into his college experience.

Empower your kids to become the creative leaders of the future. Plan to register yourself AND your children to be at CPSI 2020 so that you don’t ask yourself later, “Why didn’t I bring my whole family to CPSI?”!