Spark Creativity Workshops

Spark Creativity Workshops offer you the opportunity to dive into one creativity topic for the day, which will “tickle your imagination” to prepare you for what’s to come throughout the rest of the CPSI week!

Can’t come to CPSI for the full week? You can still register for any of these one-day Spark Creativity Workshops that take place on Wednesday, June 17! Choose the one-day option when you register and add one Spark Workshop to your registration.

All full-week CPSI registrations include a Spark Creativity Workshop, which you select during your registration. Some Spark workshops have a limit on the number of participants and may be filled. If your preferred workshop is full, please select an alternative.

SP01 Master the Inside Moves of CPS Facilitation

Roger Firestien, Associate Professor (Retired), Center for Creativity and Change Leadership SUNY Buffalo State

Do you want to be a facilitator rock star?  Do you want to make your facilitation sessions smooth and seamless?  Do want to get the inside moves from the person who has trained more people to facilitate the Creative Problem Solving process than anyone else in the world?  Then this session is for you!

Each person who attends this session will get free access to 20 videos that show Roger facilitating every step of the CPS process. You will also get access to 10 downloadable PDF’s that you can use in your CPS sessions. This session assumes previous exposure to the CPS process and is NOT meant to introduce participants to the process.  Please bring your facilitation challenges with you. 

SP02 One-Day Jump into Creative Problem Solving

Anthony Billoni, Chief Catalyst, AB Creativity

Kim Marie McKernan, Owner, Inspired Outcomes

Wondering how to jumpstart your innovative thinking? Try One-Day Jump into Creative Problem Solving. It introduces key concepts for exploring the context, understanding your problem, and creating solutions. It helps you develop a framework so you can be more mindful when producing and evaluating ideas for your own challenges. Explore the distinctions between creative and critical thinking and how to apply them appropriately during the Creative Problem Solving process. Learn how to expand your options before applying parameters. Be positive in selecting solutions. Collaborate with others in an engaging environment, including varied and diverse perspectives to strengthen ideas.

SP03 Exploring the Agile Mindset

Michael Ackerbauer, Whole Team Intrapreneur / Change Agent, IBM

Organizations increasingly see self-directed teams as a strategic differentiator and their most important resource for developing sustained innovation. In a global environment characterized by hyper-competition, complexity, ambiguity, and volatility, organizational leaders are called upon to be facilitators of change, beginning with their teams. Organizations are best positioned to innovate when leaders and teams learn how to cultivate and maximize their diversity of thinking, which requires insight into individual creative motivation and expression.

This immersive workshop examines the relationship between the Creative Problem Solving preferences of clarification, ideation, development, and implementation, the Social Style behaviors of assertiveness, responsiveness, and versatility, and the principles of organizational agility.

SP04 Think Like a Futurist

Clay Bunyard, Technical Leader, Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Would you like to be better prepared for the future 10, 20, or even 50 years from now?  Do you wish you could bring more future-oriented thinking into your Creative Problem Solving practice? Then join this Spark session to learn about Foresight, the deliberate practice of futurists to prepare for (but not predict!) the future. (Not to be confused with the FourSight assessment.)   

You will learn the University of Houston’s Framework Foresight which provides a structured way of imagining how the future might unfold and then crafting strategies and specific actions to be ready for whatever happens. More specifically, we will explore the future of a pre-selected topic and practice the Framework Foresight steps of domain definition, environment scanning, scenario forecasting, implications analysis, and opportunities analysis.  Following this intense working session, we will reflect on how you can incorporate the mindset, skillset and toolset of futures thinking back into your own creative practice.

SP05 Step Into LEGO® Serious Play® Methods and Materials

Jacqueline Lloyd Smith, Founder, Strategic Play

Stephen Walling, Licensed Trainer, Strategic play

Steve Ralph, Licensed Trainer, Strategic play

Are you looking for new tools to help people get to innovation? This introduction workshop is hard fun and could be just what you need. LEGO Serious Play is a facilitated thinking and communications technique. It draws on extensive research from the field of business, organization development, psychology, and learning. Using hand-brain knowledge, this 3D process helps teams surface information, explore ideas, create better options, develop deeper knowledge, and identify solutions faster with 100% engagement.

 Participants both experience the flow of being a client and also debrief from a facilitator’s perspective. The room has two areas: the play table for experience, and the theory area for facilitation debrief. The day starts fast with a brief introduction of the trainers and then we get our hands on the bricks.  After individual skill building the day moves to individual model building and then an innovation mining game! This process has five stages: the question, build, give meaning, make the story, and reflect.

 Note: Sign up early, limited seats – this day counts toward full certification in this methodology.

SP06 Creativity Education – From Vision to Reality 

Michelle Korenfeld, Director, Raising Creative Thinkers

Come to transform creative teaching into creativity education that fosters students’ creative thinking skills for better students’ scores, motivation, and 21st century readiness. Become the educator, parent, or grandparent raising children whose nurtured curiosity builds a growth mindset and stamina together with a caring approach to people and to the living world. Embrace resisters to creativity education and amplify assisters to glide through change inspiring a creative problem-solving community around you.

Come to learn how STEAM education can merge with acquiring literacy proficiency and social-emotional skills. Be equipped with helpful checklists to find your way into creativity education. Strengthen your creative core by instant meditations, empowering you to cope with creative energetic kids and youth as a holding, supportive, and encouraging mentor. Find creative strategies to teach leadership and 21st century skills. Discover how to direct students toward focus and attention, improving memory while directing to innovation and success.

SP07 Look, Listen, Laugh, Lead: Get Serious About Funny Business 

Katie Garry, Creative Strategist and Brand Storyteller, kg creative, llc

Jane Fischer, Creative Change Facilitator, Improv Connections 

Improv is founded on the same skills that empower any successful business or organization: innovation, creativity, collaboration, and communication. And when you understand and experience how improv actually works, you’ll realize these are attributes absolutely everyone can cultivate. And the best part? Being funny is absolutely not necessary! 

In this session, participants will learn the basic and guiding principles of improv and end the day with a clear vision of how they might use them to their advantage in work and in life, creating a supportive and creative climate for themselves and all those around them.

SP08 Seeing Conflict Differently

Lindsay Burr, CEO, The Yarbrough Group

Come see and learn ways to do conflict differently. Scared of conflict? Find ways to engage in difficult conversations with more ease. Love conflict? Find ways to engage in difficult conversations where people will hear you more effectively. Ever had a conflict with someone? Find ways to get through the next one faster and with fewer loose ends.

In this Spark workshop, we’ll look at our own relationships with conflict, learn some conflict theory, and practice ways to navigate conflict while maintaining our ability to creatively problem solve at the highest level. We will create because of, around, and through conflict. Instead of being debilitated, aggressive, repeating arguments, or pretending it doesn’t exist, you’ll have tools and ways to do conflict differently.

SP09 Cartoon Thinking: Learn and Experience the Creative Power of Cartoon Design

Jacobien Vermande, Visual Facilitator/Visual Engagement Designer, Bienerbij

Cartoons, those little (artful) drawings that evoke an instant emotion from laughter to anger, and everything in between. Good cartoons contain a powerful message, are packed with humor, have a verbal surprise, or trigger the hearts and minds of the audience. Most cartoons are created with the intention to evoke a reaction often on a contemporary theme or topic. In that way they serve as one of the strongest ways of visual communication.

To create such a meaningful picture your imagination needs to access the essence of the topic or persona, feel its pains and gains, and connect it to unseen view points. And then put it visually in a composition that does the rest of the work. The creative design process of a cartoon is a great and fun way to perform in a small team. That is what we are going to do in this workshop!

The workshop consists of three parts:

– Basics of a cartoon and drawing essentials.

– Walking through the process that enables the creation of a cartoon using design thinking techniques and process steps.

– Reflection process on result, technique and application in daily practice.

SP10 Story Techniques for Creative Collaboration

Jean Storlie, President/Owner, Storlietelling LLC

Mission Impossible theme song begins … a man (in a trench coat and low-brimmed Fedora) slinks into the strategic planning session and leaves a briefcase at the front of the conference room. Looking furtively to the right and left, another trench-coated person enters and carefully opens the briefcase. A tape recording begins:  Good Morning, Mr. Leader. We face a serious situation, which requires the Mission Impossible Innovation Team . . .

Stories add interest and intrigue to innovation, creative problem solving, and strategic planning sessions. This session is designed to help business leaders and consultants in innovation incorporate stories, storytelling, and story listening into their work as agents of change. It will provide practical tools and techniques to enable the use of stories during visioning, clarifying, ideating, developing, and pitching innovation.

SP11 Vision and Transformation: The Darwin Martin House, Buffalo

Donna Milani Luther, Head of School, Inly School

Walt Stevenson, Professor of Management and Communications, Golden Gate University

Utilizing transformation of the space around oneself and one’s surroundings to discover new perspectives, this SPARK will be an off-campus adventure. Through a tour of the famed Frank Lloyd Wright house, with their newly renovated gardens, we will explore the role of the arts as a way of aesthetically transforming physical place, spirit, and self. In the morning, we will take a tour of the grounds; in the afternoon, we will return to the CPSI campus for reflection and growth exercises. Art projects such as drawing, sound archeology, painting, modeling, space configuration, photography, video filming, and more participatory art techniques (need not be an accomplished artist to participate). Through these activities, participants will create a vision of their transformation of professional or personal challenge.

SP12 Reducing Writing Anxiety Through Creative Practices

Christine Boyko-Head, Professor, Mohawk College

Creative Problem Solving has helped organizations and businesses find innovative solutions to their biggest challenges. What if this model could be adapted to help learners overcome writing blocks, essay anxiety, thesis anguish, and proposal paralysis? This workshop shares research findings on the application of arts-based strategies and cognitive preferences in problem solving to enhance 21st Century skills in learners. Using creativity tools from the Mind the Gap Literacy project (Boyko-Head, 2018-19), this fun, fast-paced workshop highlights the connection between your cognitive preferences, problem solving methods, and writing to guarantee a “first out-of-the-block” creative-critical thinking process good for all communication tasks.

SP13 Sparking Collaboration through Strategic Doing

Nancy Franklin, Principal, Franklin Solutions

Tim Franklin, Principal, Franklin Solutions

In today’s world, collaboration is essential to meet the complex challenges we face. Strategic Doing enables people to form collaborations quickly, move them toward measurable outcomes, and make adjustments along the way. This workshop will provide participants with the basic constructs of Strategic Doing as well as examples of how this agile collaboration approach has been used.  

Participants will experience and practice Strategic Doing in small groups. They will be guided through an interactive Strategic Doing process using a scenario that could be applicable to their own contexts.  Workshop participants will have an opportunity to share simulation outcomes from their small groups, discuss their experiences using Strategic Doing in the simulation, and consider how Strategic Doing could be applied in their own contexts.

SP14 Vision: How to Create a Creativity Movement

Deborah Madelaine, Global Community Builder, Mars

Reid Rousseau, User Centricity Program, Mars

Change is beautiful. Change is not easy. Changing your organization to adopt Creative Problem Solving or just a different approach to problem solving is possible and it starts with you. Learn how to create a movement to catalyze change in your organization or network by mobilizing people around a shared purpose. Big change starts small, and lasting change is within your reach.

Deborah Madelaine and Reid Rousseau from the User Centricity team at Mars will guide you through starting your own movement. In just 24 months, the UC team at Mars has created a movement of 14,000 Mars Associates that promote user centricity and Creative Problem Solving. You’ll learn how to mobilize people, take action with small and tangible progress and redesign the conditions that support the change in your organization.

SP15 Everything Speaks: Designing Touchpoints for Engaging Experiences

Jamie Good, Senior Learning Experience Designer, Enable Education Inc.

Going meta, let’s dig into how the core components of experience design can help you create memorable, meaningful experiences in any situation through co-creation exercises and immediate practical application. We’ll explore how people can move through anticipation, participation, and reflection in a carefully designed way for maximum engagement.

SP16 Unlocking the Magic: Engagement Techniques that Really Work

Shannon Tipton, Chief Learning Rebel, Learning Rebels, LLC

Have you ever been in a workshop where you thought you were never going to get those 8 hours back? Where you would rather be anywhere else? We have all been there. 

Wouldn’t you rather be in a highly interactive workshop where you genuinely enjoyed the time…and learned something that was relevant to you? Where you experienced big A-HA moments? In this session, Shannon Tipton, will show you how you can make that magic happen for your workshops, meetings and training sessions. 

Let’s pull back the curtain and together explore tips, and techniques for creating activities, aligning exercises to learning goals, debrief activities, and challenge games. You will have an opportunity to share experiences and challenges with this cohort and leave with a variety of new ideas and resources to reach the hearts and minds of the people in your future workshops.

Please note that you must add your Spark workshop during the conference registration process (or log back into your registration to add or change your Spark workshop selection). Adding a Spark workshop to your SCHED calendar does not register you for that session.