About Buffalo: Where Creativity Reigns

Buffalo, New York - Birthplace and host of the Creative Problem Solving InstituteBuffalo, New York, located in the Niagara region is the birthplace of brainstorming. It is a city whose origins as a thriving transportation and industrial center point to what Buffalo has become today: a longstanding home to creativity, culture, and design.

Alex Osborn, one of the original advertising “Mad Men,” was the father of brainstorming, which evolved into the broader process of Creative Problem Solving. He also founded the Creative Education Foundation and the Creative Problem Solving Institute. Osborn, the “O” in BBDO, was called out of retirement when the ad firm fell on hard times after the Great Depression. He agreed to help, but wouldn’t move from Buffalo; instead, he commuted by train to NYC and helped save the company.

Buffalo boasts many inventions and creative products (including Alex Osborn), which are featured in this short film from 43North, “Next Things Now: Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Buffalo”:

Buffalo is the state’s second most populous city after New York City with 258,703 residents, and with a population of 1.13 million, the metropolitan area is the 50th largest in the United States. Huffington Post just put Buffalo at the top of its list of “10 Cities All the Cool Kids are Traveling To.”

Residents are called Buffalonians. The city’s nicknames include “The Queen City,” “The Nickel City,” and “The City of Good Neighbors.”

Around Buffalo
Albright–Knox Art Gallery - Buffalo, New YorkYou can learn more about what the Buffalo Niagara region has to offer, including fun things to do, at VisitBuffaloNiagara.com.




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